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Analysis The Effect Of Land Use/Cover Change On Agro-Pasture Zigzag Zone

Posted on:2005-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122994804Subject:Physical geography
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The regionally ecological security, the foundation of the national and social economic security, fundamentally, is the basis of the national and local sustainable development. No good ecological environment, no sustainable development of the region and even the country.LUCC not merely records objectively the space pattern of the earth surface changed by humans, but represents the varied course of dynamic space-time of the landscape of the earth surface. LUCC can result in a lot of natural phenomena and the transform of ecological course, for instance, the change of soil nutrient and moisture, rainwash and corroding, distribution of bio-diversity and living beings' geo-chemical circulation, etc, which proves that LUCC is closely related to the ecological environment security. As a result, through researching the influence LUCC made on the ecological environment, we are able to understand and adjust the change of the regionally ecological environment and even the global environment.The quantitative research to the land's eco-systematical service can offer the scientific basis for the reasonable pricing of the land's ecological resource and the management and effective compensation of the ecological economy, which can also embody the importance of the diverse ecological system in the region, which can help humans determine the ecological system and area that should be protected priorly, only on this basis, we can design and plan the ecology scientifically, utilize the resource reasonably both in time and space, ensure the fairness of the using resource in the region and between regions for the contemporary generation and next generations, and finally realize the regionally sustainable development.The thesis chooses the transitional region of the wind and sand along the Great Wall in the northern Shaanxi Province, the ecological condition of which is severe. Theplace is the base of chemical energy--the country's important coal site, as well thekey area where the sand of the land and the soil erosion are being prevented and converted. In a word, there is a contradiction between energy development andecological construction and it is very vital how to solve the contradiction.The thesis illustrates the research development of LUCC, describes the background of the ecological environment and its characteristic in the region, analyses the features and present situation of LUCC, mainly its dynamic features and the response to the ecological environment caused by LUCC, ascertains the serving function of the land's ecological system, calculates the value of service of ecological system in the region, sets up the driving model of LUCC, on the basis of ration, analyses qualitatively the driving of LUCC in the aspect of policy, population, economy, nature and so on. The results show that:1.In the past decade, plantation, water area and unutilized area are decreasing, whereas other kinds of area are increasing in some different degree.2.The land use/cover changed greatly in the region along the Great Wall in northern Shaanxi province during 1988-2002.The cultivated land ,unused land and water region are all shrinked ,but the unused land changed most greatly ;the others all increased ,especially the orchard increased greatly.3. According the matrix of land use change, cropland land change was the most imported type ,which was mainly transformed to orchard .forest .grassland ,dwelling land and others ,among which forest ,grassland and dwelling land have more proportion ;unused land mainly transformed to forest ,grassland ,trafficked land etc.4.LUCC is a complex system , which is affected by many comprehensive factors ,including both socio-economic and natural and environment .In Shenmu county ,the policy was the fundamental driving force of LUCC ;in addition ,human activity is a directly factor that drove the LUCC ;Besides the economical factor also affect LUCC in some extent.
Keywords/Search Tags:land use change, agro-pasture zigzag zone, ecosystem service, driving force
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