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The Analysis Of Price Fluctuation And National Macro-Regulatory Control On Cocoon In China

Posted on:2005-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122995546Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Since Chinese reforming and opening, the Cocoon & Silk industry has been developing at a high speed and ranked first in quantity of Cocoon & Silk production and exchange in the world. Through analyzing the whole industry of Cocoon & Silk, Cocoon is the exclusive and appropriative raw material of the whole industry, which price is the dominant complication to impact the progress of production and the relationship of the supply and demand of the whole industry. Its price is a central embodiment of all economic variables changes in the Cocoon & Silk industry.This thesis, based on virtual demonstration and combining qualitative and quantitative methods, mainly illustrates from two aspects. One is the analysis of the characteristics of cocoon's price fluctuation, the variable mechanism and administration of cocoon price in different period, the mutual relationship between the change of cocoon's price and the development of cocoon industry, and various factors which would effect the change of cocoon price. Another is about the study of national macro regulatory control policy. Through comparison and analysis of macro managerial methods of domestic and international Cocoon & Silk industry, it will find out some current problematic methods during the control process. Combining Chinese practical situation and according to the analyses, there are some main conclusions made as following:1. If the price elasticity of cocoon supply is over that of cocoon demand, the automatic fluctuation of the cocoon price would be emanative, which can cause the cyclical abnormal fluctuation and serious imbalance of cocoon market.2. In China, the length of cocoon price fluctuation period is about 3 years, at the same time, both the extent and the frequency of its price short-term fluctuation augment3. If the administrative price which is fixed by government is too high or too low, usually it would cause a fluctuation of supply and demand and decline the efficiency of cocoon trade.4. In the near future, It is reasonable to keep the price ratio between cocoon, grain, cotton and oil at 10-12 : 1.2-1.4 : 5.6-7.6.In order to stabilize the price and production of cocoon, the government should strengthen the macro regulatory control. Therefore, the author puts forward some suggestions as following:1. Implementing the uniform control system of the Cocoon & Silk industry;2. Strengthening reinforcement of the legislation and management of cocoon trade;3. Inducting accurate, timely, and authoritative information;4. Consummating the national manufacturers' reservation system for raw silk;5. Consummating admittance system of Cocoon & Silk industry;6. Strengthening the management of exportation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cocoon, Price, Macro- regulatory control, Raw silk reservation
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