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The Study On Yiwu's Consign Market

Posted on:2005-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155957854Subject:Public Management
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The relationship between the government and the market has been the hotspot all along in the research domain of Economics, Politics and Sociology, Whether the relationship between the government and the market is harmonious or not determines the level of the development of economics and the stability of the politics in a country. By the same token it concerns the sustained, healthy and fast development of the high-developed civilian economy region. by the case study of regulation transition in yiwu consign market, the text analyzes the relationship between the government and the market in the region with high-developed civilian economy at the view of institutional economic. The text is divided into five parts. in the first part the text introduces difinition, categorize and function of the consign orgnization. Then in the second part the text introduces the rise and development of the yiwu consign market. the whole growth process of the consign market contain three phases, it began with spontaneous competition, then over-regulated to monopoly by the department of the government, in the third phrase it come to limited competition. Base on the analysis framwork of institutional ecomonic, the text mainly introduce the basic function of the government in market econonics at the view of market failure and government failure, in my opinion, the government may domain in supply of commonality goods, border the property right, include the enforcement of the law and contract, judge justicial and create a envionment for fair competition. In fourth part the text introduce the role and function of the local government in case of the development of the consign market, the background of regulation transition, analysis the special function of the local government in the view of civilian's interest, government's interest and the competition of the local government, clarify the role and action of the government with...
Keywords/Search Tags:Regulation Transition, Consign Market, Government Failure, Market Failure, Government Function
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