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Study Of Governmental Effect On The Development Of Enterprise Clusters In ZhongShan City

Posted on:2005-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W F JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125464587Subject:Business management
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As a very characteristic industrial organizational form, Small and MediumEnterprises'Clusters (SMECs) have showed strong economic potential and vigor, andhas drawn many domestic and international specialists'attention and study. With thecontribution of the reform policies, 20's years development, and the impact of othersocial and regional factors, the SMECs of Zhongshan have initially formed their owncharacteristic, scale and advantage. But with the speeding up of economic globalization,the advantage of region and out-oriented economy are vanishing slowly, which is thebasis of SMECs development of Zhongshan. The SMECs are facing more and morecompetitive pressure and problem coming from self development. How to take advantageof the formed clusters to upgrade the local industrial structure? How to keep the regionalcompetitiveness in the roaring competition? How to decide the role local governmentshould play in the developing of SMECs? Focus on these problems, in this thesis we used theory of cluster and Regionaltheory of innovation system, studied the phenomenon of SMECs in Zhongshan, analyzedlarge quantities of files and data, discussed the forming factors of township enterprisesclusters(TEC), the role of clusters, the status of regional innovation system(RIS) and theproblems exist in the development of RIS, and indicated such fact that the nowadaysSMECs of Zhongshan are barely a rudiment of industrial regional in the developedcountries, and have large gap in cluster scale, competitive- ness and the construction ofRIS. On the basis of positive analysis, in this thesis we theoretically demonstrated thepoint that the key of the development of SMECs is the construction of RIS in clusters,and in studies we emphasis on the government effect in the development of SMECs,analyzed the government's multi-role in RIS from macro-function and micro-functionaspect, indicated that the government is either the game-rules-maker in the regionalinnovation activities, and the direct participator, the government's main job in regionalinnovation is to design the mechanism and supervise it, and so we got the conclusion: 1.Due to the difficult out-environment of the enterprises innovation of our country,the government play the lead role in the procedures of construction of RIS, which can't iABSTRACTbe taken by neither the enterprises themselves, nor academic or agent organization. 2.The role government played in SMECs, made the government must give theenterprises a good invest environment, a good innovation environment, and must balancethe interest each node in innovation network, inspire the enthusiasm and creativity; Thegovernment must build not only the "hard"infrastructure such as communication andtraffic, but the "soft"such as legislation, in a word to form a relevant developmentenvironment, and thence raise the capabilities of SMECs, impulse the regional economy. 3.To local government, the primary methods of construct RIS including thebuilding of regional infrastructure, developing agent organization, constructing softenvironment of regional innovation network and turning the government's function toenhance the government's services etc.. Finally in this dissection, on the combination of theoretical research and positiveanalysis, and with the realities of Zhongshan, we discussed the methods whichZhongshan government can use to impulse the RIS, indicated the sustainabledevelopment strategies of SMECs of Zhongshan: 1 Promoting the alliance andcooperations of SMEs in local region; 2 Reconstruct the industrial structure; 3 Completeand enhance the production chains in clusters, develop the capabilities of networkproduction; 4 Upgrade traditional industries, promote the applications of hightechnologies, enhance the R&D capabilities of SMEs'; 5 Make good use of social andregion, continually develop out-oriented style econ...
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise Clusters, Governmental Effect, the Construction of Regional Innovation System, the Strategy of Development
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