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An Analysis Of Relation Among Great Powers After The Cold War From The Standpoint Of The Korean Peninsula

Posted on:2005-10-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Q KangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125467114Subject:International politics
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The international relations have been undergoing great changessince the termination of the cold war. In order to safeguard theirnational interests, every country is consistently adjusting its globalstrategy and foreign strategy by comparing it' s own comprehensionstrength and political resources with other countries , which is baseon preserving national interests. The changes of China ,Russia ,Japanand American' s policies towards the Korean Peninsula and theinternal changes of the Korean Peninsula reflect the presentinternational situation ,which cause attention among scholars in orout home. But most of them would rather focus on the narrations ofreality and phenomenon that give a deeper analysis .In this paper, theauthor tries to give a deep and thorough careful analysis of the complexrelationship among great powers, which is fall of collision ofstrategies goals, by carefully analysing great powers' policies towardthe KP which is putted under their global strategies Analysing, judgingand predicting the essence of great powers' policies accurately willundoubtedly, enhance China' s ability to preventing and counteringaround affairs that take place near China and great better environmentfor development.The analytical bases of this paper are geopolitical theory and national interests, which is one of the most important concepts of thePolitical Realism theory. The contents of the paper includes thefollowing aspects: The fist chapter, introduction, presents thesignificance, purpose, methods and contents of writing the paper .Thesecond chapter explains the theoretical base of the paper and theinternational backgrounds of the theme. It deals with the roles thatnational interests and geopolitics demands play in determine foreignpolicies, present international structure the KP' s geopoliticalcharacter and the changes that took place around the KP after the coldwar .The third chapter is the body of the paper , which gives theoreticalanalysing of China , Russia, Japan and America' s policies towards theKP. On the purpose of grasping the essence the conflict andcontradicting relations among great powers, every section of this partexpounds the global strategies of great powers plays in great powers'global strategies and the interest great powers try to seek on the KP.The fourth chapter sets forth great powers attitudes towards the futureof the KP. The fifth chapter puts forward several proposals to theissues that China should pay attention to while choosing its foreignpolicies in current international environments.
Keywords/Search Tags:national interests, geopolitics, Korean Peninsula, relations among great powers, peaceful rise.
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