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Study On The Green Marketing System Of Agricultural Products Of China

Posted on:2005-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125950780Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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1. BackgroundGreen Marketing began in the developed countries. It came into being and developed in 1980's with the focus on the environment of the global society. Because of the aggravation of environment problem in 1970 and 1980's, people have more recognize about environment, and they come to know that the environment problem is exigency and important. Since 1970's the campaign of environment has developed prosperously at the aim of protect the earth. The west countries broke out the "green revolution", the main is "green food".At present, all citizens have entered into the situation of no worry about food and clothes. The step of changing agriculture structure is faster and faster. The competition in domestic market and broad is aggravating. Domestic economic is developing promptly. People's consumption concept is changing and the environmental healthy awareness has propagated and innovation policy is continuously running . For these reasons, the market requires the agriculture product be healthy and no-hazard more highly, and green agricultural product is born in this situation. Under the control of the concept of sustain development, green agricultural product has a wide future as a consumption tendency. The theory and practice all show that the strategy of applying green agricultural product will be the ideal and feasible pattern of Chinese agricultural development. This paper analysis the condition of green marketing in China and JiLin province and also analysis the influence factors of green marketing and give the corresponding countermeasures at last. 2. the conditions of green food 2.1 the conditions of domestic green foodThe conditions of the product exploitation is reflected by the scale,speed, construct and level. From the changing of these indexes, we can see the track and tendency of green product's development. As far the development scale, the number of attaining the green product marker usufruct and the number of green food company and environmental superintend area is increasing fast. As far the developing speed,1990~2002 the number of attaining the green product marker usufruct has increased averagely by 30.3%. The constructs of the green food is improving, and it is closed to the people's consumption construct. At the same time the developing level is increasing. 2.2 the conditions of the foreign green foodOrganic agriculture has been a globe activity. Many countries have organic production organizations, processing company, trade association research machinery and so on. With the impulse of these machinery and organization, the production and consumption of the organic food are growing promptly. Europe, North-America, Japan and Australia began earlier. Their production, sailing, management, research and so on all develop fast. The criterion and policy are relatively integral. The organic agricultural food and organic product based on organic agriculture present an increasing tendency.3. analysis the influence factors of green marketing of agricultural products of ChinaGreen marketing is a management process. Green behavior in the green marketing of agricultural product can inflect in the whole life cycle. What is the life cycle? Common product's life cycle is the stage of cradle-to-grave, while green product's life cycle is the stage of cradle-to-reincarnation. It includes the following stages: (1) acquire the material(2)green food production(3)green food sailing(4)green food consumption(5)the reclaim and reuse of package and waste. There are many factors which can impact the green food in the whole life cycle. This paper analysis these factors by DEMATEL and find out their relation.4. the conditions of green marketing of agricultural product in JiLin provinceJiLin province is a agricultural big province. This chapter introduced the condition of exploitation and consumption of green food and analysis age, income, region of the consumer which effect the green consumption with statistical and correlati...
Keywords/Search Tags:sustainable agriculture, green food, green marketing, DEMATEL, factor analysis, correlational analysis
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