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Strategy Research In Management Of Qinghai Geophysical Petroleum Exploration Corporation

Posted on:2005-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z C ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125952156Subject:Business Administration
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Qinghai Geophysical Petroleum Exploration Corporation (QGPEC) is a small petroleum prospecting enterprise in North-west China. As China enters the WTO and deepens reforms in economic system and state-owned enterprises, QGPEC will face huge changes inside and outside itself. How to meet the dramatic changing environment? How to meet the challenges of more and more competition pressure? How to solve the problems of enterprise survival and development? How to gain competition predominance? All these questions are urgently needed to solve by QGPEC. In my opinion, to salve these problems the most important thing is that the QGPEC must have a scientific development strategy, Which is set up according to the modern scientific enterprise strategy management and rules.According to the modern strategy management theory, QGPEC should locate itself in the market precisely, select a correct strategy and implement it completely. Figuring out a practical petroleum exploration strategy and carrying it out will enable QGPEC to gain competition predominance step by step. All of above is the standpoint and the starting point of the paper.The research method of the paper is as follows: starting from the practical conditions of Chaidam basin petroleum exploration, entire strategic analysis and location will be made by using the modern enterprise administration theories and rules. The paper also proposes suitable measures by analyzing the implementation risks PEST analysis. Porter 5 elements competition model. SWOT analysis etc.The main content of the paper is: 1. Macro-environmental analysis (PESTanalysis). Line of business competition pressure analysis ( Porter's model) and opportunities, threats; 2. Resource capability analysis of QGPEC. The Paper analyzes Chaidam basin petroleum exploration situation and internal resource. Based on this, the paper analyzes the strengths and weakness of the corporation; 3. Use SWOT strategy selecting model to fix the market location of QGPEC, select the strategy and dispose its implementation; 4. risk analysis of strategy and measures.The petroleum exploration management strategy drawn out in the paper is based on the modern scientific enterprise administration theories and rules according to comprehensive environmental analysis. The strategy comforts to Chaidam basin petroleum exploration practicality. The implementation of this strategy must strengthen QGPEC's capabilities and gain competition predominance gradually.
Keywords/Search Tags:Qinghai Oilfield, Oil and Gas Exploration, CompetitionStrategy, External Environment, Internal Resource
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