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The Analyses Of The Performance Appraisals And The Different Ways Of Incentives Tn The Firm

Posted on:2004-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125955110Subject:Western economics
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This thesis analyses the performance appraisals and the different ways of incentives in the firm .It puts forward a new theory of integrating the ways of incentive and the performance appraisals. In the part of performance appraisal, The author argues that the objective performance is more important than subjective performance, while the absolute performance should be often used to appraise the performance in comparison with relative performance. The thesis also points out that it is critical to coordinate with the appraising standard, purpose of appraising and source of appraising. Besides, it is necessary for the firm to establish the mechanics to avoid the deceive, the rent-seeking behavior, tacit collusion and appropriating. And the way to prevent tacit collusion could be to reserve the possibility to enroll outside employee, to adopt discrimination policy, and to increase authorization.In the part of ways of incentives, the thesis probes the money incentive, spiritual incentive, promoting, anti-incentive and other concealed incentive ways. It also studies the performance feedback as a way of incentive. The author points out that the performance feedback could have active incentive outcome, or not have any incentive outcome, or have negative incentive outcome. In addition to this, the thesis gives an example of temporal employee in china's state-owned enterprise. The author insists that it is not a good way to employ the temporal employer taking account of incentive.The last part of the thesis gives a new thought of integrating the ways of incentive and the performance appraisals. The author argues that making use of different ways of incentive should depend on the different types of appraising standard, while it is also necessary to adopt different ways in giving incentives to the different types of employee in the firm.
Keywords/Search Tags:Incentives in the firm, Performance appraisals, Performance feedback, Ways of incentive.
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