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The Research Of County Area Economy And Private Businesses Economy Development

Posted on:2005-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125957728Subject:Regional Economics
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The whole paper is composed of five sections. Section 1 as an introduction, it introduces the background and purpose of the paper at large. In this part, the main concept, county area economy and private businesses are defined by retrospect and evaluate those related research theories. Section 2 told us county area economy is a critical point and difficult point in HeNan Province economic development. This conclusion is draw by positivism analysis the development of county area economy and county area economys situation and function in HeNan economic development in present conditions, development type, development model and development experiences in our country. Section 3 said private businesses processes and characteristics. The writer point out the private businesses feature and retrospect its processes. Then draw a conclusion that to improve private businesses is a valid way to promote regional economy. Section 4 told us private businesses situation and function about to county area economy development. In order to argue this view, the writer told us some reasons that private businesses is growing element to improve county area economy, it is a propeller to accelerate county area industrializations processes and urbanizations processes, it is a decompress valve to alleviate employment pressure and is a file leader in agricultural industrialization and modern agricultural model zone. So the private businesses is a potential and hope to develop county area economy. In addition, it is main part of county area economy in the future. Section 5 told us some deep level reasons and countermove. The main content as following: assistance policy, legal environment,management system, development motive, development environment and so on.About to research object, the writer regard whole province economy as the total object. And regard YiYang County where he has worked now as the concrete research object. As the same time, the writer consult and contrast YanShi (a city around YiYang), GongYi(a city in HeNan), XinZheng(a city in HeNan)and other developed parts of southeast HeNan Province. In order to easily understood and popular, the writer use qualitative analysis as principle and look after both sides the quantitative analysis in study method. The main content is the relation of regional economy, county area economy and private businesses. Finally, the writer clarify these principal point that we must to enlarge private businesses and to accelerate county area economy in our province from now.
Keywords/Search Tags:regional economy, county area economy, private businesses, industrialization, urbanization, agricultural industrialization
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