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A Study On Development Of Shandong Rural Special Technology Associations

Posted on:2005-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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A Study on Development of Shandong Rural Special Technology Associations Abstract The "Three Rural Questions" is always the important questions for all thesociety. Based on the features in promoting rural popularization, the authorhas made a thorough study on Development of Shandong rural specialtechnology associations (abbr. SRSTAs), and the major results are as follows.I. Reasons of the Appearance of RSTA The birth and development of the rural special technology association hasa deep historic background and necessity. In rural area , with theimplementing of the household contract responsibility system withremuneration linked to output, the rural productivity is highly improved,and the farmers no longer worry about the food and clothing. However, withthe development of rural economy, there exposed such questions as beingdifficult to enter the market for farmers, low produce effect, hard to obtainnew technology, unable to protect the legal interests of the farmers. The needfor innovation of new rural economic system becomes the important reason forthe appearance of various rural special technology associations.II. Current Situation and Development Progress of SRSTAs The SRSTAs came into birth with the strong desire for getting rich and theneed for technology, and the rural technicians play key role, the farmers areconnected and linked with the technology. The 22-year's developmentincludes four periods: initialing founding,fast growth,stable expanding andcontinuing improvement. The major 4 types are: technique exchange type,technology economic service type, technology economic entity type andresearch and development type. The current SRSTAs are featured by fastdevelopment, variety in forms, imbalance in diffence area, good inorganization,strong in cooperation and being pushed by administrative forces.The associations for science and technology in various levels play importantrole in the development of SRSTAs. 4山东农业大学专业硕士学位论文III. Nature of Rural Special Technology Association and Its OperatingSystem The rural special technology association has the following nature: beingscientific, professional, democratic, economic, public-benefits, andnon-profitable. Most associations all acknowledge the private property,democratic decision on any important policies related to the fundamentalinterests of the association, the property accumulated by the association willbe shared by all the members. The interests of both the association membersand the managers are the same; the members are closed linked with theassociations in benefits. The associations operate in accordance to themarketing need; inside the association, the members will get interestdistribution according to the percentage of labor, technology and investment.The behavior of both the association and the members is limited by statepolicy and laws, and the members will restrict each other too.IV.Function and Responsibility of Rural Special Technology Association Aiming to popularize scientific knowledge and labor technology to itsmembers, the association conducts various education and training activities,which produce strong effect of demonstration. The association has thefunctions of technology agency, market agency, administrative agency,and its capacity in technical innovation is improved continuously. Theassociation quickens its step in the transformation of rural technologies,promotes the adjustment and optimization of rural economic structure,expands the rural social service system, improves the rural productivity andeconomic benefits,pushes forward the rural grain growth,income increase,rural economic development and social development of Shandong province.V.Comparison with Similar Domestic and Foreign Organizations &Development Trend This paper made a comparison with similar organizations of USA,France and Japan. The results show there are obvious...
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