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Analysis And Evaluation Of Shijiazhuang Comprehensive Competitiveness

Posted on:2004-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H T LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125963371Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Science and technology are forging ahead and bringing about changes day after day. It makes rapid strides in the course of economics globalization. As a new competitive main body, cities are attended more and more. The urban competitiveness arises from the study of the country competitiveness. In the first place, the article introduces the study about country competitiveness and urban competitiveness and analyses the advantage and disadvantage of present urban competitiveness study. On the basis of the study, the article generalizes the concept and essence of the urban competitiveness. The urban competitiveness is the capability of its cluster and diffuseness. Secondly, according to the comprehensive, scientific, feasible, fluctuant, comparable and storied principle, this paper brings forward a new evaluation index system and the index system reflects generally and externally the urban competitiveness in China. The index system consists of six first-rank evaluation indexes, which are comprehensive economic competitiveness, financing competitiveness, human resource and science and technology competitiveness, urban construction and circumstance competitiveness, management competitiveness and opening competitiveness. The entire first-rank indexes contain forty-three original or derivate second-rank indexes. Principal component analysis is an important analysis method in the multianalysis. This method can solve correlative indexes problem by decreasing dimensions and getting several comprehensive factors. Using the principal component analysis, the paper compares the urban competitiveness of 22 cities in china and confirms the Shijiazhuang competitiveness place in these cities. At the same time this article gives the comparative result of Shijiazhuang competitiveness in former years and analyses main influencing factors of Shijiazhuang competitiveness. Finally, on the strength of analysis, the paper ulteriorly puts forward policy advice from the two levers of stratagem and tactics.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban competitiveness, Evaluation index, Principal component analysis, Policy advice
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