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The Research On The Enterprise Of Human Resource Management And Staff Motivation In Chongqing District

Posted on:2005-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a young municipality, Chongqing has an important economical position. With China entering the WTO, the competition in domestic market would be more furious. Facing an ever changing economical environment, the enterprises in Chongqing must cut the cost, innovate the products and improve the quality of the products and efficiency to win in the competition. It's believed that to succeed or not depends on whether you have the technology and market. Nevertheless the carrier of them—the talent is the most important thing. Therefore how to motivate the staff effectively and make them have high satisfaction so that they can stayed loyal to the enterprises and work actively is the important subject what the enterprises in Chongqing is faced.Five enterprises in different industries in Chongqing are selected as objects in this research which stand for security industry, IT industry, mechanical manufacturing industry, food processing industry and communication industry respectively. The enterprises selected have certain representativeness and the trade coverage rate is better. The article examines the current situation of the human resource management and the satisfaction of the staff in the enterprises by the index of the human resource, human resource pole and the motivating the staff, which is helpful to improve the human resource management plan.The research is divided into three stages. The first stage: to make the testing tool. Testing tool about human resource management situation in the enterprises is made by collecting the relative material. The second stage: data collecting.300 questionnaires are sent out,60 copies are averaged an enterprise.216 valid questionnaires are received and the .The third stage: Data analyzing and studying. Data is statistically analyzed by statistical software. We can come to a conclusion by studying the relation between the above data.The research proves that human resource management of enterprises in Chongqing is middling and falls into functional human resource management of enterprises. Enterprises in Chongqing always have deficiency in representing staff and do not work as leaders of staff. This reflects that the enterprises does not focus on inspiring the staff and resolving the problems of staff. There are two shortages in human resource management of enterprises in Chongqing. First, staff seldom take part in managing the enterprise. Enterprises should take actions to encourage staff to do it, such as founding self-conducting teams, setting up the system of advice of rationalization and founding the group to resolve the problems. The second, the staff in Chongqing are seldom satisfied with the salary. This is not propitious to strengthen the relation between the staff of the enterprise and inspire the staff. The enterprise should set up a fair salary system, such as investigating the salary system of brother enterprises, increasing the salary, giving staff chances to take part in setting up the salary system. On the other hand, there are two advantages in human resource management of enterprises in Chongqing. First, staff always get well along with others. The second, they always think a lot of motivation of enterprises. The enterprises should strengthen the management of motivation system, make common staff enable to succeed. This could motivate staff to work hard, dig out the potential of staff and achieve the ultimate goal of the enterprises management.
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