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Research On Risk Management Of The Construction Project Of Ma'anshan 12345 Mayor Hotline System

Posted on:2012-06-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N QinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330371459837Subject:Project management
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The research of the government hotline system for project risk control measures is related to the service of the government, the responsibility of the government, the government by law and the building of honest government. It is also related to the norms of behavior, effective supervision. It also provides a strong guarantee to the financial system and people-centered impact of the government.This thesis takes the mayor Ma'anshan 12345 hotline system as the research object, mainly introduces the government hotline system construction projects, including the developmental stage of the government hotline system in and abroad. The government hotline risk control system for the project is used as a tool in this thesis. Firstly, the thesis begins with the hotline system construction risk of the mayor Ma'anshan 12345 hotline system. Then, the author analyzes the types of the hotline risk system for the project which includes:the demand risks, risks of technology, risk of product and the environmental risks. Through the qualitative analysis, the thesis offers the foundation of the risk and gets the qualitative result naturally. By using the decision tree to give the hotline system construction risk a quantitative analysis, the thesis gets the quantitative result. Finally, the thesis put forwards the project risk control strategies for the mayor Ma'anshan 12345 hotline system, which includes:Venture and risk transfer, risk reduction, risk receiving. to monitor the status of the risks, and gives a lasting management to it.
Keywords/Search Tags:risk identify, risk analysis, risk control, risk control security
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