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Zhengzhou Unicom Social Security Information System Project Risk Management

Posted on:2012-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330371959875Subject:Project management
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The rapid development of computer and Internet technology bring plenty of business opportunities for communications industry. In recent years, the number of information systems projects increase dramatically, and individual investment is also creased, but the risks for enterprises are also growing. Thus, good risk management for information systems is particularly important to reduce business risks.In this paper, the theory of risk management is reviewed, and the common methods and measures of risk identification, risk analysis and risk response for information system project are described. "Social Security Information System Project of Zhengzhou Unicom" is chosen for research, and every aspect of risk management is analyzed. Firstly, the lists of project risks are obtained by identifying risk questionnaire. Then, the priority level of risk is determined by using score matrix risk analysis. Finally, response measures are analyzed for higher risk priority. Through the study of the risk management process discussed in an attempt to project risk management information systems major part of finding the best methods and measures. This paper attempts to find the best solutions for information systems risk management, through the study of the risk management process.The innovations of this paper are mainly reflected in the risk response fields, such as the combination and use of "net present value" and "internal rate of return" in response to the risk of selecting the project plan. Additional, SWOT is used for market analysis, demonstrating how to take different measures in different times, social environments and technical conditions.Genally, the research result of risk management for "Social Security Information System Project of Zhengzhou Unicom ", verify that the risk management of this project are feasible, which could provide strong references for the communications industry. Final recommendations are that communication industry should improve risk awareness, strengthen risk management and control for each information system project to, in order to minimize business risk.
Keywords/Search Tags:risk management, risk identification, risk analysis, risk response
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