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The Development Of E-Government Oriented To Public Service And The Strategic Application Of CRM

Posted on:2006-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Q ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152491395Subject:Information Science
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With the shift of the development orientation of E-Government, it is a positive approach to introduce the theory and application of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into the building of E-Government. In the new century, with the significant change of social environment, such as the shift of governmental function and the enhancement of the public comprehensive quality, E-Government gradually develops from internal building to open to the public, and shift the focus from management to service. However, problems occur such as poor interactive service channel, lack in integration of service function, low consciousness of individuation service. This thesis discusses the application of CRM in E-Government, so as to find the optimized strategy in E-Government service, remedy the deficiency of current service, promote the efficiency of government service, and improve the relationship between the government and the public.Currently there are not many theories that combine E-Government with CRM. In an attempt to make a comparatively systematic dissertation on it, this thesis tries to explain E-Govemment from the new view of public service. It points out that the concept of E-Government should concentrate more on the key value and ultimate goal of public service optimization, emphasize enhancing public service quality instead of merely strengthening internal benefit. Here "public" includes both enterprises and citizens, and a new G2C application mode of E-Government is put forward. By summarizing the development condition overseas and domestic, it points out the development orientation to public service of E-Government.With ten key indexes, and in the aspect of service function, service capability and service feature, this thesis makes survey to ten cities' government internet portals, and finds six shortages in three categories. Then it points out that a service-management notion that orients to the public should be essential to E-Government, and CRM is the right one.Based on the internal relationship between E-Government and CRM, the thesis discusses about the adaptability analysis for applying CRM into E-Government. It points out the CRM principles suitable for E-Government, explains the concept of E-Government combined with CRM, "Customer" in E-Government, and establishes the E-Government function framework with three levels of cooperation, operation and analysis based on CRM.With the function framework, the thesis makes detailed analysis on its application. Firstly, with an instance, it proves to realize the integration of service channels. The public can use diversified channels to communicate with thegovernment and get uniform, standard service. Secondly, with the integration of service function in the aspect of information service and transaction on-line, the thesis also puts forward five strategies for information service optimization. In the aspects of service entrance, transaction on-line and cooperative work, it explains the integrated governmental affair process, as well as the realization of one-stop service. It also puts forward five modes for transaction on-line and four information sharing points for government CRM. Lastly, the thesis makes use of Business Intelligence to establish E-Government intelligence system. It puts forward nine subjects for government intelligence, to provide intellectual support to government decision, multi-demands and individualized service. Finally, an open, sharing, cooperative and efficient government service mode will be realized.By using induction, analogy, website survey and other research methods, with reference from a great lot of experience and documents overseas and domestic, and analyzing with theory and cases, this thesis puts forward the optimized strategy of introducing CRM into E-Government. Oriented to the public, this application attaches great importance in improving the current E-Government service, enhancing service effect and promoting government's service innovation. It will definitely improve the relationship between the government and the public...
Keywords/Search Tags:E-Government, CRM, Government affair publicity, Cooperative transaction, One-stop service, Business Intelligence
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