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Research On Supply Chain Logistics Management Information System Based On .NET

Posted on:2006-08-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152970652Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Nowadays, with the economic development in the whole world. The enterprise is facing more and more drastic competition. Most competitive enterprise regard MIS as the key to success. With the information industry expeditious development, new information technology emerge in endlessly. The application of new information technology play down cost, augment benefit and improve competition.Logistics, commodity stream and information stream are regarded as the three pillars of modern economy. With the development of socialized mass production, people have changed their focus of cost from the productive areas to currency areas. The economist Bay Terkara even considers the logistics as "third profit source", and we have also realized the importance of logistics in enterprise management. At the same time the distribution of logistics apart from the fields such as manufacture and business is the main trend and way to solve those questions. The third party logistic come forth under this background, the formerly logistics enterprises are coming to this way now, and this thesis discusses the building of management information system of the third party logistics.This paper analysis the basic concepts of logistics and characters of the third party logistics firstly, then according to the current situation, the paper point out the disadvantages of the logistics distribution system. So it is necessary to develop management information system of the third party logistics. Information is the soul of logistics, and the third party logistics can't be a integer without the uphold of information system, it also can't exert its scale effect without the information. In a word, the information is the only way of the development of the third party logistics.The author analysis the two tools to build the management information system of the third party logistics, and choose .NET as the best solution. Then the author analysis .NET common language runtime and .NET framework class library and ASP.NET. .NET is a revolutionary new platform, built on open Internet protocols and standards, with tools and services that meld computing and communications in new ways.Based on the analysis of the work flow of the third party logistics, the author discuss the basics step and process of construction a distribution system. This process included the analysis of the flow of data, the function and the structure. At last , describe the summary design, the database design, the logic model design, especiallyto discuss and compare of some method of design, for example Data Flow Diagram (DFD) , entity-Relationship (E-R) .Data Table.At last, this paper concluded what management information system of henyun Logistics Corporation has achieved and looked ahead direction/orientation about developing management information system of transportation enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:NET, the Third Party Logistics, Information system, Database
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