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Modern Logistics Management And Logistics System Construction In Tianjin

Posted on:2004-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125463308Subject:Business Administration
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This thesis discusses logistics and its related concepts of logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Third Party Logistics, E –business as well as the construction of Logistics Center, analyzes the condition of logistics in Tianjin and raises the strategy to construct a logistics center in Tianjin.It first introduces the basic concepts of logistics and logistics management, emphasizes that the fundamental difference between modern and traditional logistics management lies in the information management, with customer satisfaction as the first objective, aimed at optimizing the enterprise as a whole, which is systematic overall quality management. While supply chain management means logistics management across enterprises and attaches more importance to coordination of interests among each link along the chain, aimed at optimizing the interest of the supply chain as a whole.With the unprecedented development of the world trade and economy, the market has got more requirements in the field of logistics. 'Third Party Logistics' has become a widely-discussed topic. The second chapter mainly introduces the meaning of 'Third Party Logistics', the background of its emergence and the status and main issues of third party logistics in China. Through logistics demand and market analysis, the direction for development of third party logistics is pointed out and some suggestions on development strategy of third party logistics in China are put up. China's third party logistics is still at its preliminary stage, lacking in basic infrastructure for modern logistics, advanced information technology and specialized logistics management technology and personnel.After China's entry into WTO, third party logistics has shown a trend of constant growth accompanied by development of western areas as well as holiday economy and exhibition economy. In face of the increasingly intense internal and external competition, we should speed up reform of property right system, strengthen the construction of information, cultivate logistics groups with international competitiveness, adopt advanced management technology and implement the strategy of qualified personnel.With the arrival of information and network era, E-business has drawn people's attention. The third chapter presents the origin and development of E-business, expounds the close relation between E-business and logistics and explains the requirements for logistics management in the E-business environment with an emphasis on developing highly efficient logistics and delivery system, speeding up the standardization of enterprise basic management.Logistics Center is the elementary organization of modern logistics. The fourth chapter explains the concept, function, type of logistics centers and points out that setting up logistics centers is an objective requirement for economic development. In addition, some personal views on the layout principles and current obstacles of our logistics centers are put forward. In the end, the status and deficiencies of logistics in Tianjin are analyzed based on the actual situation of geographical location, traffic condition, economic development and logistics market, etc, pointing out that the strategy for Tianjin to set up logistics centers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Modern logistics management, Supply chain management, Third party logistics, E–business, Information harbor, Logistics center
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