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Third-party Logistics Information Systems Analysis And Design

Posted on:2005-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122985951Subject:Industrial Economics
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So far as enterprises are confronted with even more volient competition from a wider scope in the integrating world economy, logistics is regarded as the Third Source of Profits of enterprises and is playing a more important role in the business. Logistics industry has developed rapidly all over the world as a newborn service area with the tendency of socialization since the late 20th century. In our country, logistics enterprises offering the third party logistics(3PL) service have just appeared in recent years. Poor information management has impeded the furthur development of the 3PL of our country in information times. How to make good use of information technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of 3PL in China has attracted more and more attention from the elite in logistics fields. This dissertation which aims at promoting information construction of 3PL begins with the origination and conception of modern logistics as well as the basic knowledge of 3PL, points out the importancy and emergency of integrating all processes of 3PL with computers, and then systematically analyzes the 3PL information system including the general system objectives, logistics technology, business procedures and so on. Next, we focus on the 3PL information system's functions, data flow diagrams, E-R diagrams, relational DBMS and control matrixes design. Finally, we select a modern and comprehensive logistics enterprise-China Overseas Logistics Co., Ltd. as our research object so as to apply all the theory on 3PL information sytem to the real situation.We wish this dissertation could provide valuable views and suggestions and be beneficial to the development of 3PL in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Modern Logistics, the Third Party Logistics, the 3PL Information System, the 3PL Information System of China Overseas Logistics
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