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Third-party Logistics Outsourcing Decision-making And Application Of Information Technology Research

Posted on:2006-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152488248Subject:Information economy
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Nowadays, Third Party Logistics (3pl) has been a more and more important choice in implement of logistics management of a enterprise. And the investment in logistics has become a new investment hotspot. But we should take cognizance that though Chinese logistics industry is developing very fast; it has been on the phase of near the saturation. But this kind of saturation is relative saturation; the low level logistics is saturated and the high level logistics with supply chain management is still seriously scarcity.In this condition, on the basis of the circumstance of Supply Chain Management (SCM), the study on the main factors affecting the enterprise's decision about 3pl and the strategic decision system of the logistics outsourcing has remarkable value. It can enhance the efficiency and effect of the enterprise, promote 3pl understand the enterprise's need, strengthen the cooperation between the enterprise and 3pl, raise the modernization of logistics.This thesis mainly discusses the decision about the 3pl and tries to advance a decision system and a decision system based on IT used to help the enterprise make reasonable choice. In this thesis, the discussion is divided in five parts.Part one, introduction. This thesis begins with the Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management and 3pl. And then I discuss the actuality and the existent underlying problem of the progress of the 3pl.Part two, the basis of the strategic decision of the 3pl. In this part I analyze the implemental ways of the enterprise's logistics function, and advance a whole decision flow of 3pl. Based on the above, I advance two problems that will be solved in this thesis.Part three, strategic decision system of logistics outsourcing. This part is used to solve the problem whether or not an enterprise should outsource its logistics. In order to solve this problem, I advance competence level of logistics operation andthe degree of logistics marketization. At last, I use a grid integrating the two aspects to help the enterprise make a reasonable decision.Part four, quantitative research on the Third Party Logistics strategic alliance. The problem whether a company should adopt the Third Party Logistics Strategic Alliance is urgent to solve. Compared with the Traditional Logistics Service Relation, can Third Party Logistics Strategic Alliance brings more profit to the Supply Chain, how much it will be and how to distribute the added profit. Based on a quantitative model, this thesis analysis these problems and gets some useful conclusion.Part Five, decision system of 3pl outsourcing based on IT. This part I analyze the important value of IT in the 3pl outsourcing decision, and design a 3pl Decision Support System.The break points in my thesis are as follows:1. Advance a whole decision flow of 3pl. and based on it, I found three problems that should be solved in the decision flow.2. Innovatively advance logistics outsourcing decision grid built by competence level of logistics operation and the degree of logistics marketization, and implement the decision system of logistics outsourcing.3. Based on a quantitative model, analysis the increase and distribution of the profit in the approach of third party logistics strategic alliance, Compared with the traditional logistics service relation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Third Party Logistics, Decision Flow of 3pl, Competence Level of Logistics Operation, Degree of Logistics Marketization, Logistics Outsourcing Decision Grid, Third Party Logistics Strategic Alliance
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