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Research On The Knowledge Sharing Risk In The Virtual Enterprise

Posted on:2006-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P Y ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152975346Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In the times of knowledge economy, knowledge is the base of enterprise core compe -tences .Enterprises begin to emphasize the usage and protection of core knowledge and important knowledge estate .The modern market competition often exist between the virtual enterprises (VE), of which one of the most important motivations is sharing different knowledge. Because of characters of interim, dynamics and multi-agent ,etc ,there are much opportunism actions and information dissymmetry in VE .So, knowledge sharing risk is one key question of the knowledge management in VE .The study has sufficient theoretical and practical significance .Firstly, the theory base of knowledge sharing risk in VE and related theory are discuss -ed .Secondly , the definition of the knowledge sharing risk in VE is analyzed ,its categories are arranged according different criterions ,the difference about characters between VE and enterprise is compared .On the basis of the above ,the generating roots , mechanism and affecting factors are studied throughtly .Three kind of risk factors are discerned ,such as knowledge .enterprise and environment .As an important character ,the balance of risk is analyzed from three sides of enterprise , contract and information dissymmetry . Thirdly , risk controlling and defending are studied .Three risk control strategies that include precaution ,course and feedback strategy are put forward based on the overall operation course of VE .According to the risk generating roots such as knowledge fuzzy information dissymmetry & opportunism and the core competence depending on knowledge .three risk defending mechanisms are built which include learning , trusting and knowledge evaluating mechanism . Then ,the risk precaution model is put forward which is based on fuzzy neural network(FNN) ,its learning calculating methods is built .The model is trained with small sample dates and its capability is validated . At last ,a case of VE is analyzed .
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual Enterprise, Knowledge sharing, Risk Precaution, Fuzzy Neutral Network
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