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Research On Operation Mechanism Of Virtual Enterprise

Posted on:2004-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122960045Subject:Business management
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In recent years, especially since 90 decade, economic globalizations, capital economy changing into knowledge economic and material economy changing into information economy are accelerating economic structural adjustment and reshuffle. The arrival of knowledge economy makes information and knowledge become important strategic resource; the diversity of consuming and the individuation of customer make the enterprise only reasonably organize global resource on global market to capture the confidence of customer. The enterprise just has the possibility of survival and development. Thus traditional entity enterprise organization and management pattern have occurred earth-shaking change -no matter enterprise reshuffle, strategic alliance, investment decision and business process reengineering (BPR), agile manufacture (AM). Any enterprise is formed by visible essential factor and virtual essential factor. The virtual part of enterprise decides the major aspect of enterprise competition ability. In a word all enterprise is going through an ultimate revolution. This revolution is the industrial revolution since 19 century that other revolutions cannot compare. Enterprise will continuously transfer asset and process from visible field to virtual field. New economic law will be taken it over, and forms different competitive regular and commercial pattern. Virtual enterprise will become the pattern of mainstream of new economic times.This paper around historical background of virtual enterprise mainly adopts comparability study, practice analysis, mathematical statistical analysis and model analysis method etc. For current enterprise theoretical hot problem, the paper has discussed the operation mechanism of virtual enterprise. Through the method of comparability study, the paper carry out the traditional entity enterprise to compare with virtual enterprise, make people know the discrepancy of virtual enterprise and entity enterprise, and then have more deep understanding for virtual enterprise. Through the statistical method, the paper has analyzed thereason why the virtualization index of enterprise is so low, and revealed the existent problem in informative process. Through model analysis method, the paper have discussed the boundary problem of enterprise and market, and analyzed the importance of the virtual part of enterprise for the key competition ability of enterprise. Through practice analysis method, a further analysis of the strategy and the method of private enterprise are carried out in virtual course, and discussed the operation mechanism of virtual enterprise.Enterprise theory is one of hot and virtual enterprise theory in current economic research is more forward position in enterprise theory. Virtual enterprise is the breakthrough of idea and the innovation of organization form, is the leap on the system of business management. This breakthrough can extend the develop space for the advanced production way and the advanced manage way. People have a lot of unknown places about virtual enterprise yet; therefore need a complete theoretical frame urgently in order to explain the substance of virtual enterprise and operation. But so far, virtual enterprise theory still does not be a kind of very mature theory. This paper tries to rich virtual enterprise theory about the nature of virtual enterprise, establishment and operation patternThis paper think "sincerity" is key in virtual enterprise establishing and running; Secondly, in the analysis course for transaction cost have elaborated the evolution course of the market - enterprise -virtual enterprise, and explained that transaction cost is just their driving force of mutual conversion. Finally, article have designed the virtual index parameter of enterprise through the research of the typical private enterprise "Mei Te Si Bang Wei" and can measure a difference in degree of the virtual level of enterprise with this model formula.
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