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Planning And Design Method Of Mined Land Readjustment

Posted on:2006-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the crucial contradictions between land use and human in China, land readjustment is becoming more and more important during economic development. But the land readjustment is just in its first stage in our county, and now it is mainly focusing on the countryside and the urban. It is rare to regard the mined land readjustment.Based on the concepting of mined land readjustment in our country , this paper studies on the content,object and principle etc of mined land readjustment, puts forward the principles and targets for it. Then the author dissects the operation mechanism and planning sheme of the mined land readjustment. According to the economic situation in mined area, this paper sets up synthetic readjustment and special readjustment models.Jiu Yuan, a village in Tai Yuan WanBaiLin District, was studied. By researching the possibility and design of the project scheme, this paper attempts to make some useful explorations both in practice and in theory. The conclusions not only have a great help for guiding the mined land adjustment, but also a reference for other kinds of land readjustment for area or mining.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mined land readjustment, Land Reclamation, Land readjustment planning
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