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Researches On Urban Land Readjustment

Posted on:2005-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122492677Subject:Human Geography
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Urban land readjustment is of great importance in the settlement of series of problems such as extensive utilization of urban land, inefficient recombination of land resources, the conflict between urban construction and arable land protection, dismantlement of houses and settlements for residents and land expropriation. To develop researches on urban land readjustment and guide it in theory, the article aims to figure out an appropriate way for the operation mechanism and application pattern of urban land readjustment in China. The whole article is divided into six parts.Part one, introduction, in this part, it consists of three segments: backgrounds on the theme of the article; practices and developments of urban land readjustment in both domestic and abroad; purpose and significance of researches concerned in this article.Part two, a general statement on urban land adjustment and its theoretical evidences. The article formulate the connotation of urban land readjustment from four aspects -scope ,content ,purpose and task, then redefines the connotation of urban land readjustment, finally introduces theoretical basis to studies on urban land readjustment.Part three, introduces the goal and significance of urban land readjustment. The goal urban land readjustment is improving the efficiency of urban land use and rationalizes the land use structure. The article demonstrates it play an important role in enhancing economic benefits, ecological benefits, social benefits and protection of arable land and the dynamic balance of total quantities of arable land.Part four, studies on operation mechanism and application model of urban land readjustment. Through a comparative analysis of urban land readjustment operation mechanism and application model in domestic and abroad, the article analyze their respectivecharacteristics and demerit, then draws a conclusion that application model of urban land readjustment should be put into practice in China based on respective characteristics, and adopts government dominant operation mechanism while exercises the other methods.Part five, functions orientation and blue points of the system of urban land readjustment in China. The article tries to give a scientific definition for functions of urban land readjustment in China and presents suggestions and visions for urban land readjustment endeavor, based on a synthetic analysis which includes constructions of legislation justice and organization of special plan for urban land readjustment.Part six, ends, the article summarizes the fruits of researches concerned and puts forward some visions for developments of urban land readjustment in depth in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban land, land readjustment, mechanism of operation, model
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