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Urban-rural Integration Development Study In Zhongyuan Urban Agglomeration Area

Posted on:2006-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152997719Subject:Human Geography
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Urban Agglomeration is an urban-rural dense region which has close contact of economy,society,ecology and culture etc, and it was formed by both urban area and rural area of certain space range, taking several big cities as the developing cores, relying on the mutual action of modern traffic and communication network. From the middle period of 20th century, the appearance and development of urban agglomerations has been an important urbanization trend all over the world, and urban agglomeration has become an important topic in district developmental research. But taking a wide view back to the former researches, it usually paid more attention to the cities and neglect the development of country. Furthermore, most of them only involved the development discussion in some fields of economy or governance or ecosystem etc, only involved part of the realm study, lacking study from the angle of systematizing on the study from the urban rural integration. So it can't resolve the problems arising in the development process of urban agglomeration, such as the blindly construction action in city and town, low effect use of the land, industrial structure convergence among different cities, ecosystem environment depravation, ecology environment depravation, duality structure extrusion, polarization of space structure etc. The Zhongyuan urban agglomeration is at the starting stage, carrying heavy responsibility for the rising up of the central plain. But some problems arised in the developing process slowed the speed and lowered the quantities of its development. This paper takes the urban-rural system of Zhongyuan urban agglomeration as research object, adopts the research methods of urban-rural integration, sets out from time-space integration angle, adopts many comprehensive analytical principle of realm, and analyzes its history and present conditions integrally. Furthermore, it points out the problems existed in the developing progress, and puts forward correspond total speculation and the counter plan projects pointed to the problem, aiming at offer theory and practice basis to the moderate evolution of urban-rural system of this area, then can do good to the sustainable development of the Zhongyuan urban agglomeration and complete construction of Xiaokang society of Henan province. This paper is mainly divided into seven parts as follows: Part I, introduction. This part includes the annotation of concepts and background of the research. The annotation of concepts is to interpret and definite some important concepts, such as urban, rural, urban agglomeration, urbanization, urban-rural integration, etc. Background of the research mainly introduces the basis of choice the subject and significance of the research. Part II, outline of the research. This part introduces and evaluates the research situations of urban agglomeration and urban-rural integration both domestic and abroad. Part III, basic study theories and the development mode choice of Zhongyuan urban agglomeration. Based on the discussion of the city country relation and development mode, it argues that the urban-rural integration is the inevitable choice of the urban-rural concord development of Zhongyuan urban agglomeration. Part IV, the general situation of the urban-rural contact development in Zhongyuan urban agglomeration area. It sum up and analyzes history and present development condition of Zhongyuan urban agglomeration's urban-rural contact, points out the key problems existed in the current development process. Part V, evaluation of the urban-rural integration in Zhongyuan urban agglomeration. Using qualitative and quantitative method, it analyzes and evaluated the urban-rural integration level in Zhongyuan urban agglomeration, and it draw the conclusion that the level of the urban-rural integration in Zhongyuan urban agglomeration gradually decreased toward southeast from the northwest, and the space development is lopsided, and analyzed the reason.Part VI, the overall stage of urban-rural integration in Zhongyuan urban agglomeration. In allusion to the...
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