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Since The16th National Congress Of The Communist Part Of China’s Urban And Rural Integration Development Strategy Research

Posted on:2015-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Construct a reasonable relationship between the urban and rural areas is a major issue forall developing countries in the process of modernization must face. After the Congress, theCommunist Party of China has gradually made a major strategic integrated development ofurban and rural areas, and actively promote the integration of urban and rural economic andsocial development of our country. Proposed and implemented this strategy has important andfar-reaching impact on the smooth progress of China’s socialist modernization drive.This paper analyzes the Chinese Communist Party Congress put forward the backgroundof urban and rural development strategy, consider the seriousness of the1990s, rural issues anurgent requirement to promote further integration of urban and rural development trend ofurbanization and industrialization for the implementation of the urban and rural integrateddevelopment provides intrinsic motivation, scientific concept of development was proposedand implemented the strategy of urban-rural integration provides a scientific theory. All theseindicate that the party and the government and implement the integration of urban and ruraldevelopment strategy with a historical inevitability after Congress.In this paper, the main contents of the Communist Party of China and rural integrateddevelopment strategies carried out high-level overview and summary. Pointed out that thedevelopment of urban-rural integration strategy is a complete and rigorous strategic system.Its strategic goal is to strive to create economic and social integration of a new pattern ofurban and rural development; strategic focus is to break the urban-rural dual structure;strategic approach is to promote agriculture and urban townships, realize the coordinateddevelopment of urban and rural; strategic approach is urban and rural, balanced distributionpublic resources; essence is to establish a new strategic relationship between urban and ruralworkers and peasants, liberation and development of the social productive forces of urban andrural; strategic initiatives is to actively construct systems and urban and rural developmentpolicy system, vigorously implement benefiting the agriculture policy. Paper and thensummarize and analyze the integration of urban and rural development strategy has distinctivecharacteristics of the times, innovative and pragmatic and so on.In this paper, the Chinese Communist Party for this stage in the development ofstrategies to promote urban-rural integration process of the problems were analyzed. Pointedout that the traditional concept of development is the idea of restricting the integration ofurban and rural development bottlenecks, rigid urban-rural dual structure is still bound by anequal exchange system, a serious imbalance in urban and rural public services, urban andrural depth restricts the construction of new countryside and rural hindered the overallweakness integration process, the process of urbanization and other land not standardizedserious threat to urban and rural social harmony and stability.Finally, the paper discusses the new situation to further promote the integration of urbanand rural development strategy countermeasures. Asked: Party committees and governmentsat all levels to effectively change their ideas, truly establish and implement the scientific concept of development; urban and rural areas to increase and accelerate the establishmentand improvement to promote agriculture, the city with rural institutional mechanisms; toaccelerate urban and rural public relations equalization of services, and further increase the"three rural" investment, promote sound and fast economic and social development in ruralareas; in the process of urbanization should actively safeguard farmers’ interests and promotethe harmonious development of urban and rural society.
Keywords/Search Tags:the communist party of China, Urban and rural relationship, Urban and ruraldual structure, Urban and rural integration strategy, The coordinateddevelopment of urban and rural areas
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