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On The Thinking Pattern To Build Up The Service Government In China

Posted on:2006-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Y CuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152997739Subject:Administrative Management
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It is a choice of the purpose to build up a service government at current, which benefit the deep development of the administration reforming and the transformation of the government function. In the course of setting up a service government, we should not only actively learn from the western government but also face the reality of our socialist to meet the need of the time and build a government form that is facing the long future. The author thinks that service government is a wide, complete and well-knit logic system. The concept of service government has been defined firstly: Under the guidance of the ideas of society-center, people-center, and customer-tendency, the new-styled government whose role is scientifically orientated and its function is surely changed, will be built, which is probing the government procedure of servicing people. The three aspects to build a service government has been put forward: setting up a service idea of "society-center", "people-center", and "customer-tendency"; scientifically fixing the role of the government, and surely changing the function of the government; researching the procedure of servicing people. The paper consists of four parts: Chapter One defines the servicing government and briefly analyzes the features that should belong to it: democracy, rule by law, finiteness, responsibility, openness of the politics, fairness, and benefit. Chapter Two discusses the main part of building up a service government. The author firstly points out the service idea to establish a government of "society-center" "people-center" and "customer-tendency", which is divided into three related parts: (1) putting forward the idea to seek the returning from the government power to that of society. (2) Breaking "officer-center" to build up "people-center" through the analysis of the relationship between officers and people. (3) Using the experience of the western countries to advocate the idea of "customer-tendency" in the new public management. Chapter Three elaborates the scientifically fixing the position of the role of and effectively changing the function of the service government. The author firstly analyzes the phenomenon of "over-proper position", "wrong position" and "absent position" in the function system of the government. And then stresses three aspects to set up a reasonable and scientific function system: (1) making clear the role of "navigator" of the government in market economy. (2) Perfecting the social administration function of the government to make clear further the relationship between the government and the society. (3) Carrying out the scientific idea of development to stress the public service function of the service government. Chapter Four puts forward the procedure of servicing people to set up a modern service government. The author discusses the problem from five aspects: (1) realizing democracy and scientificness of policy decision and carrying out openness of politics. (2) Introducing overall management and setting up the service standard of the government to insure the service quality. (3) In the course of exploiting of the administration method, making use of information and internet technology to quicken the establishment of electronic government. (4) In the section of government public relations, providing convenient service for people. (5) Perfecting the performance evaluation system of the government to improve working efficiency.
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