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Research On The Functions Of Government Public Service In The Process Of New Urbanization In Heilongjiang Province

Posted on:2018-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330515456534Subject:Administrative Management
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The Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China Proposed to improve the public service supply,introduce market mechanism and establish new government service system.The 2016 government work report pointed out that the new urbanization is the only way of modernization,and put forward development requirements and construction goals.Public service supply matching Urbanization is the inevitable requirement of people-oriented new urbanization,the perfection of the government’s public service function is the necessary support for the new urbanization construction.Government as the important main body of public service supply is the sponsors and service providers of public service marketization and occupy an core location in the work of social public administration;the performance of its functions directly determines whether the supply of public services can meet the needs of new urbanization.Heilongjiang Province has made the urbanization development planning of the next 15 years in the "New Urbanization Planning in Heilongjiang Province(2014-2020)".It is an inevitable choice to adapt to the new urbanization construction and improve the function of the government’s public service by improving the government public service function and improving the optimization and upgrading of the public service supply in the process of the new urbanization process in Heilongjiang Province and has significant theoretical significance and practical significance.Realizing the matching of public service supply and new urbanization is the key to optimize the public service function of Heilongjiang provincial government.Based on the theory of governance,the new public management theory and the new public service theory,this paper defines the meaning and related content of the new urbanization,public service and public service function,and points out that the new urbanization is in the service content,service object and so on the government public service function new special request.On the basis of data collection and status analysis,using survey analysis and comparative analysis and other methods discover the problems in the Function of Heilongjiang Provincial Government in the New Urbanization and Public Service Supply,such as the lack of total public service supply,low market openness,lack of supply system support and so on,analyze the causes.Based on the actual situation in Heilongjiang Province,by drawing lessons from the experience of Lake Wood,Warwickshire and the Singapore government,Jilin Province,Shanghai and Jiangsu Province putting forward three suggestions to change the public service concept.Improving the public service supply system and optimize the public service supply environment,so as to achieve the comprehensive improvement of the efficiency and quality of public service supply in the new urbanization construction of the Heilongjiang provincial government.
Keywords/Search Tags:New urbanization, Public service, Government public service function
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