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From The "Color Revolutions" To See US Peaceful Evolution Strategy

Posted on:2010-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275956343Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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From the last century,the United States has succeeded in"peaceful evolution"against the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.In recent years,the United States has not only adopted a new peaceful evolution,but also interfered with a new approach---"color revolution".Especially in the 1990's,the U.S expanded its hegemony and squeezed the strategic living space of Eurasian continent.By the name of"promoting democracy"as a slogan,the U.S.used"street politics"as a form,launched a new round of peaceful evolution,successfully leading Georgia,Ukraine,Kyrgyzstan to"color revolution", setting up a"pro-American"regimes.Faced with the new round of peaceful evolution, some people cheer,some feel surprised,some confused and some people worried. According to the causes,characteristics,this paper takes that"color revolutions"is,in essence,"a new round of peaceful evolution."After some analysis,thinking about the contact status of China,this article tries to reveal why China is not prone to the"color revolutions".In current complicated international situation,this study becomes more important.This paper is divided into three parts as follows:PartⅠmainly points out the meaning,causes and its essence of"color revolution". Slow economic development and government corruption are the social conditions; Regional conflicts and ethnic antagonism is the historical and cultural conditions;"Democratization"of certain countries promoted by the U.S is a key transformation of external conditions.Its essence is actually not a true"revolution"but a"non-violent"political changes in the street.PartⅡfocuses on the reasons,means and strategic revenues of"color revolution". The United States demands geopolitical interests,trying to lead the political process in the Commonwealth of Independent States.Its approach and strategy are employing the mass media as its media tool;cultivating the"spokesman"of current regime in elite opposition as the starting point;economic aid and infiltration as its basic approach;to supporting the opposition,manipulating the elections as its breakthrough;and street politics is the main form of the United States to promote"color revolutions"successfully.The main strategy of the United States proceeds as follows:squeezing the survival of Russia's strategic space;testing the Shanghai Cooperation Organization; seeking to maximize their economic benefits.By such an analysis,this paper concludes that"color revolutions"is actually the continuation and development of peaceful evolution,that is,"a new round of peaceful evolution."PartⅢis chiefly on why China is not prone to the"color revolutions."Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China,the Chinese people have a high vigilance degree in ideology,keep the steady growth of the economy,and political stability and unity,having built a strong Great Wall to guard against the"color revolutions".
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