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The Theory Of Nature And Human Of Marx And Contemporary Values

Posted on:2011-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330332970870Subject:History of development of Marxism
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The human and the natural relational question is the philosophy eternal thought subject. In the different time of the development in the human race, according from the different cultures, the philosophers have their own views on this problem. As a systematic and scientific theory, the Marxist philosophy poverty has done the omni-directional research on the human and the natural relations, and made of ecological harmony between man and nature view of nature. It provided the theoretical direction to solve the whole world ecological crisis that we are confronted in present age, and implementation of China's science development view to building a harmonious relationship between human and nature.In this paper, through the view of "human and nature" before the Marxist view of nature, analyze in the different development phase, under the different economical political environment, the relationship between the human and nature. It is the Original work to understand and explains to Max's"human and nature"system. From reading the classical Marx's original works, analysis the process of Marx's theory on the relationship between human and nature, and give brief describes on this theory. The contemporary ecological crisis increased arouses human relationship between man and nature re-emphasis. Shortage of resources, soil erosion and other environmental problems, caused a serious imbalance in natural ecosystems. China, like most countries in the world is faced with ecological and environmental problems affecting their future development. Therefore, the Chinese government put forward to the "people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development" scientific development. Base to promote the spirit of the Chinese people in order to take harmonious development between the human and natural .try to process the current problems in our country that we re-study the philosophy of Marx's classic books, can give useful contribution to our country's ecological civilization construction, the current problems at human and nature, the road of scientific development and harmonious development.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Theory of Nature and Human of Marx, Ecological Environment, Harmony, Science development view
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