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Applicability Analysis: Total Quality Management In Government

Posted on:2012-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330335463303Subject:Administrative Management
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Serving the public is becoming an all-pervading value proposition in public administration, and constructing service-oriented government is a kind of practice responding to that. However, finding an organizational and management tool which is effective also matters a lot. Total Quality Management (TQM), which originated from business management and was introduced to government accompanied by New Public Management(NPM), is one kind of intensive and democratic management tool, and can be applied to government management. Because it contends identical ideas with public management such as service-oriented, first quality, democratic engagement, process optimization, performance improvement, etc. This essay discusses the applicability of TQM, as an institutional tool, to service-oriented government constructing. Four questions as follows were researched mainly in this paper. First, what is the special connotation of TQM in government management? Second, what's the connection between TQM and constructing service-oriented government? Third, what's the practicability and significance of the TQM tool? Forth, how to systematically construct Governmental TQM in our government? Researched methods such as documentary research, qualitative research, normative research and empirical research are applied, and the third and the forth questions are emphasize in this paper. This essay includes five chapters:Chapterl:Introduction to Government TQM. Context and causality, summary, framework and methods about the research are introduced in this chapter.Chapter2:Representing some important conceptions such as what is TQM in government and what are the characteristics of the structure of service-oriented government pattern, which lay the groundwork for subsequent discussion.Chapter3:Analyzing the applicability of TQM in government management. Firstly analyze the importance of institutional tool in constructing one kind of management model, secondly the criterion of choosing a tool for management, thirdly the practicability for institutional tool TQM in government background.Chapter4:Describing and summarizing the situation of Government TQM at home and abroad about their characteristics and effectiveness, and then analyzing the difficulties for us government to implement TQM.Chapter5:Seeking a pathway to systematically construct Government TQM. Firstly, proclaim five static and key elements of TQM, secondly present five aspects about how to achieve a systematic Government TQM for our government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Total Quality Management (TQM), Governmental total quality management (Governmental TQM), Service-oriented government, institutional tool
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