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Study On The Application Of Total Quality Management Of Service-Oriented Government

Posted on:2012-12-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330371452932Subject:Administrative Management
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In order to build the harmonious society, public service-oriented government is the goal which is a revolution on management to set up market economy. With the development of informatization and technology, China joins the globalization and it economy merge into the world. Learn from the western country, the Chinese have higher and higher service quality of the government, including more service, higher efficiency, and better cost control. Western are the samples of government of China. They pay attention to the requirement of the people, make surveys on the customers'satisfaction and try to improve the quality of the government services. The goal of governments of developed countries is to build a citizen-trust and customer-centralized government.Total quality management develops firstly in western countries, where market economy developed highly, which comes from the demands of customs. Total quality management is raised by A. V. Feigenbaum. A. V. Feigenbaum worked in the General Electric Company in USA in 1960s. Total quality management was applied extensively after 1980s and successively applied in most of the companies. With the development of market economy, the total quality management is implemented in the government of western country because the basic principles are nearly the same, such as the PDCA cycle. But in the implementation of Total quality management in government, the government's characteristics should be taken into consideration. In order to develop the quality of the public services by total quality management, the government role should be reposition. The government should beopen-to-public, customer-centralized, high-performance, efficiently and effectively. To build service government, government should implement system reform by innovation of total quality management methods on the basis of theory of public management.With the rapid development of marker economy of market economy after 2000, more and more people require to build service-oriented government. Some cities in China enjoy high speed development of economy by export to western countries, and they contact more about the culture and public management of western country, and they know the importance and necessary of service-oriented government. Service-oriented government attract more attention of the scholars of China.This paper studies the application of total quality management in service-oriented government. Firstly, this paper states the study background, objectives, content, methods and thread. This paper reviews the study of other scholar's and tries to find the start point and base of the study. This paper studies the necessity, practical, meaning of e application of total quality management in service-oriented government. This paper tries to find the problems in application of total quality management in service-oriented government. This paper tries to improve the application of total quality management in service-oriented government.Nowadays, the government of China has known the importance of total quality management in service-oriented government, but relative study is not enough. The study of application of total quality management in service-oriented government is meaningful and important.
Keywords/Search Tags:government administration reform, Total quality management, service-oriented government
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