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Research On Total Quality Management By China Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2008-09-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242957825Subject:Administrative Management
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Along with the acceleration of economic globalization and the constant improvement and development of China's socialistic market economy, to construct a service-oriented government that is democratic, efficient and commitment to quality and service becomes the direction and objective of china's government administrative reform. Influenced by the vigorous development of the international new public management movement, the Total Quality Management came into being in the Western nations offers us a tool with the reference value to construct our service-oriented government. This thesis takes promoting our service-oriented government construction as a starting point, and discusses systematically the feasibility of introducing General Quality Management in our administrative reform. Meanwhile, based on the domestic and international quality management theory and practice, this thesis analyzes detailedly the problems and obstacles which have a strong impact on our governmental quality management at this stage. Finally, based on China's national conditions, some corresponding countermeasures are discussed in this thesis.This thesis is divided into six parts:The first part briefly introduces the research's background, status quo, objectives, contents, methods, and references.The second part centers on the direction and the objective of China's government administration reform, and analyzes the historical inevitability of our service-oriented government construction.The third part first introduces the success experience in quality management by western governments, and then, summarizes systematically some concepts of Total Quality management by government, and last, emphatically elaborates the promoting effect of Total Quality Management on our service-oriented government construction.The forth part describes many historical, theoretical and practical problems and obstacles which have a strong impact on our governmental quality management at this stage. And related reasons are also analyzed systematically in this part.Based on the former analysis and our national conditions, the fifth part fully discusses the relative corresponding countermeasures from many aspects like as quality awareness, system, support mechanisms, quality management systems etc.The sixth part is the conclusion. Writer makes sure that the Total Quality Management will play an active role in China's service-oriented government construction, and gives his own opinion on the current difficulty and related countermeasures of China's Total Quality Management by government.
Keywords/Search Tags:government administration reform, construction of service-oriented government, Total Quality Management by government, ISO9000, governmental quality management system
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