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The Chinese Government's Total Quality Management Research Introduction

Posted on:2007-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360185476274Subject:Political Theory
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Since 1980's, the total quality management (TQM) has been introduced in the government management in the Western countries. After the entry to the new century, under the background of building the service-oriented government, China's government and some government departments starts to apply the TQM in the government management; thereby, the TQM by government has attracted a lot of attention. What is total government management exactly? Can the TQM by government be brought into effect in China? How to implement the TQM by government in China? This paper adopts some research methods such as specification analysis, definition analysis and investigation and study, focuses on the above mentioned issues to develop the preliminary discussion, analyzes stressfully the definition, theoretical basis and connotations of the TQM by government, and then draws the conclusion that the TQM by government can be implemented in China and brings forward some countermeasures and suggestions on the TQM by China's government. This paper is consisted of three chapters with the former two as the major composition.The first chapter centers on the problem what the TQM by government is, defines specifically the application phenomena of TQM in the government management, adopts the representation of the TQM by government formally, combines the government practice from the aspects of theoretical basis, practice background and connotations to introduce fairly thoroughly the definition of the TQM by government and its development at home and abroad. The new public management theories and practices are firstly regarded as one aspect of the theoretical basis and practice background of the TQM by government, so that the TQM by government becomes more solid in the theoretical basis, embodies better the characteristics of government work and possesses greater feasibility. Later, emphasized are seven aspects of the connotations, the client orientation of the TQM by government, the total quality management, the quality management during the whole process, the methods of total quality management, the participation of the whole society in the quality management, the participation of the entire people in the quality management and the all-around quality standards. Moreover, some crucial definitions are discussed, for example, the government work, the quality, the client and the client satisfaction. In this way, this paper distinguishes the TQM by government from the TQM by enterprise and the TQM by public sector.The second chapter focuses on the issues if the government can carry out the TQM and if the TQM by government can be localized. Under the background of building the service-oriented government, it analyzes to the depth the necessity, feasibility and difficulty of China's implementing the TQM by government; thus, the conclusions are obtained that the government can bring into effect the TQM and the TQM by government can be localized. It is through the combining creatively with the building of the service-oriented government that the necessity of the TQM by government in China is probed into; thus, this paper states that the implementation of...
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