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The Governmental Responsibility In Privatization Of Public Utilities

Posted on:2012-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Utilities privatization is the practice that draws the market competition mechanism into public service and public goods supply areas, which relieves the government's fiscal pressures, breaks the monopoly situation that government managing the public utilities directly, improves the operation efficiency and service level, achieves supply subject and supply product diversification. The privatization of the strategic adjustment as governance path does not mean that the government retreats from public goods supply totally, instead, utilities, during the process of privatization of public utilities, the regulation and supervision, legal environment of privatization of the construction and maintenance, the pursuit of public benefit maximization and social fair liability should to be strengthened. The government undertaking responsibility is become necessary guarantee to orderly privatization.Based on the review and summary of the development of our utilities with, this paper analyzes two different resource configuration mode "plan" and "market" and these two modes' existing problems. This paper starts the specific properties of public utilities and combines with the theory of privatization and the theory of government responsibility. At last, this paper gets out that the root of current utility privatization problem is the lack of government responsibility. This is mainly displays in:the government had the punch-drunk definition on utilities attributes; legal and regulatory system is not perfected; public interest is loss; the establishment of agency is not reasonable.This paper main body can be divided into five parts:the first part is introduction that expounds the background and significance of the research, researches the literature, and raises questions and plans paper structure. The second part is the core concept definition and theoretical comb. It defines the utilities attribute, the government responsibility and privatization. Unifying the related theory, this paper expounds the responsibilities of government in the privatization of utilities. The third part is the core part of this paper. Before and after the reform and opening in China, this paper analyzes and evaluates the development and achievements of public utilities. This paper focuses on our country current utility privatization reform and problems, and points out that the root of the problem and forms. The fourth part takes the water privatization in Beijing as an example. This paper analyzed the Beijing municipal government changed its function in privatization and responsibility adjustment, demonstrates the responsibility of the government to reform the privatization of the success or failure of bear plays a key role. The fifth part is the countermeasures. With the reality of our country, this paper gives some countermeasures such as the establishment of independent probative regulatory department, applicable law and establishment of complete legal system. These countermeasures will promote our country orderly public utilities privatization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public Utilities, Privatization, Lacking Responsibility, Local Government
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