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A Study Based On Virtual Organization Theory About Reengineering Local Government

Posted on:2012-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330335969937Subject:Administrative Management
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From the course of history, "government" is never a perfect synonym so that reform has become a common experience. Under this complex condition, the public always expect the government to reduce the expense, increase working efficiency, understand the public preferences, and respond quickly to any changes. The government also tends to improve administrative performance in order to increase legitimacy in the eyes of citizens. This study is based on the public opinion toward to the government, either desirable or disappointed, trying to explore how virtual organization theory is used in the public organizations, and the possibility of constructing "virtual government", as a strategy in response to the ongoing world.This thesis examines the plight of reinventing government, and constructs the analytical framework of reinventing government based on virtual organization theory, including the construction of a perspective of virtual organization theory, and the new blueprint for reinventing government. Virtual organization theory affects reinventing government from three levels, including structure-technology-level (virtual organization), tools-concepts-level (virtual function), and cognitive-awareness-level (innovation of concepts) and depicts a new blueprint for the reinventing government.In practice, official documents from a sample of Taoyuan County Government indicate that the meaning and the future vision about the "wisdom of Taoyuan" have interlinked complementary with "virtual government". In addition, a series of depth interviews with relevant officials and the civilians indicate that the practice of Taoyuan County Government led to the generation of reinventing government and "virtual government". Therefore, the "virtual government" established by this study seems to obtain a favorable footnote from the implementation of the instance.In conclusion, both in theory and in practice, the "virtual government" based on virtual organization theory may lead reinventing government to a more open, dynamic and flexible direction. This thesis also describes the general picture of "virtual government", including the basic platform of organization and operation, and the architecture at the summary section. However, to expect the public organizations to be more efficient and permanent, future research would strengthen knowledge management and establish performance measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:virtual organization, reinventing government, virtual government, Taoyuan study
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