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The Research Of Local Government Management Policy To Improve The Industry Clusters

Posted on:2012-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H F ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330335999724Subject:Administrative Management
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Industrial cluster is a method of developing the world regional economy, a way of measuring a region industry level and a symbol of regional economic competitiveness. The government, as one of the main behavior bodies of industrial clusters, should play a crucial role consistently during the formation of cluster. Firstly, the government, as a system supplier, through effective system supply, establishes suitable survival and development environment for enterprises. Secondly, the government provides effective public services in order to form and upgrade industry cluster. Finally, the government creates regional innovation system to provide financial and technical support and so on for small and medium enterprises.This subject mainly discusses the relationship between the basic attributes of industrial clusters and government functions. This article describes the basic situation of industrial clusters in our country, from the perspective of definition, species, basic features and the current development. From a systematic analysis about relationship between government and market, I concluded the general rules of the government role in market economic development, and discussed the role of government in industrial cluster theory and the theory of promoting industry development. And taking the development of industrial cluster in non-woven fabrics industry in Xian Tao, Hubei as an example, I have had an empirical research. Finally, I propose some countermeasures in coping with the existing problems in government scientific management of industry cluster. What's more, I have drawn that in order to cope with the development of industrial cluster bottleneck problems, we should enhance and perfect the government's management level, the regional innovation system construction and the diversified investment and financing system and we should also strengthen industrial hematopoiesis measures,and I have also drawn that we must expand funding sources and establish standardized market risk system. Meanwhile, in order to gain a long-term development in industrial cluster, we must pay great attention to the introduction and training of talents, constructing perfect mechanism of talents training.This topic is based on the relationship between government and industry cluster, especially the analysis of the role of the government in promoting the development of industrial cluster. I take the actual effect of the government industrial cluster policy as the research object, with quantitative analysis methods, and thereby expound the relationship between local governments and industry cluster. Those are the innovations of this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Local government, Industrial clusters, Management countermeasures, Xian Tao, Non-woven industrial clusters
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