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Research On Service Qualities' Key Factors Of Municipal Administrative Services Center

Posted on:2012-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330338950446Subject:Administrative Management
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During the process of change from the control government to the service government, the improvement of the quality of government services is one of the main assignments. The Administrative Service Center as a new thing in the transformation of government functions has been an important new thing in the process of building the local service-oriented government. Improving service quality of the Administrative Service Center and providing satisfactory services for the public which become hot topic of common concern of service government and academia. However, the Administrative Service Center is a major initiative reform attempts by the Local Government, the construction and reform are not perfection, and how to improve practical exploration and theoretical research of the administrative service center service quality are still at the initial stage, facing various problems from the theory and the practice, which affected the healthy development of the administrative service center. Therefore, studying on affecting the improvement of service quality of municipal administrative service center has significance of theoretical and practical.The research mainly uses the measurement theory of service quality to study the key factors of service quality in municipal service center, and the main purpose is to measure the key factors to impact the service quality of municipal administrative service center and evaluate the service quality of municipal administrative service center, and then put forward specific proposals to improve service quality to meet the public's requirements for the service-oriented government. By the three scholars Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry proposed the service quality measurement model, and combined with our scholars'research methods in the field of service quality to measure the key factors of service quality in field of the municipal administrative service center.The selection of initial scared of municipal administrative service centers'service quality is the combination of PZB's service quality scared and some government service areas research, and according to the characteristics of municipal administration center to divide the measurement items. In the first phase, after the completion of small-scale investigation, then it test the original scared, the first is measurement of the 25 items whether can be factors tested, then exploratory factor analysis to examine the question items, the items in question do not meet the conditions for removal to achieve the final scared of the measurement of key factors in municipal administrative service center's service quality. In the second phase, the research carried out under the scale, by the reliability of data analysis, correlation formula to find more important dimensions of the public, combined with the large gap items between expectations and perception of the public to get the key factors impact the service quality of municipal administrative service center. Finally, the research proposed appropriate revelation for the result of the municipal administrative service center's service quality to help the administrative officer in charge of the hall to understand the service measures at this stage to enhance and when they provide services need to attention some questions which can be as the efforts orientation to enhance service quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative service center, Service quality, Key factors
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