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The Study On The Existing Problems And Countermeasures Of Chinese Adminisrtative Service Center

Posted on:2010-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360302459045Subject:Administrative Management
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After the 17th National Congress of the CPC, Chinese reform of Administration management has stood a new historical origin. As a breach moving forward to serving the type government, the development and construction of the administrative service centre is getting preliminary effect, as well as existed many problems to be solved. In view of this, this paper takes constructs the service government's idea as a starting point, has analyzed the problems that Chinese administrative service center existed, and aimed at the actual problem, combined realistic condition, proposed the improvement countermeasure of administrative service center.First, this paper embarked from the elementary theory to definite the concept of the administrative service center. Simultaneously explained the administrative service center's development background, elaborated its positive sense.Next, the paper embarked from the administrative service center's capital construction situation, has analyzed the problems that Chinese administrative service center existed and their reasons. Then it promulgated existence problem's reason of the administrative service center from Chinese administration system's existence institutional deficiencies, the administrative service center's wrong regulations, the devious management idea, and the improving management system four aspects.Then, this paper has proposed the necessity to consummate the administrative service center from the cognitive angle, has been cleared the essential requirements about the improvement administrative service center. In view of the administrative service center existence's problem, this paper has put forward the improvement proposal from the establishment administrative service center's legal status, the restoration administrative service center operation flow, consummated the administrative service center the supervising mechanism, the development administrative service center function scope as well as develops the administrative service center target client degree of satisfaction to evaluate five aspects.Finally, this paper has carried on the empirical analysis take the Qinhuangdao administrative service center as the example. According to depth knowledge of Qinhuangdao as the administrative service center construction situation, the paper asked the existence problems. Then, in view of the realistic problems, it advocated that the Qinhuangdao administrative service center should consummate the self-construction from consummate the examination time limit to pledge the system, the strengthened suit handle the mechanism, enhancement staff own quality training, to strengthen the network platform construction and the standard Intermediary organization manage these five aspects.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service government, One-stop service, Administrative service center, Management system, Process Reengineering
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