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Construction And Improment About The Mechanism Of Early Warning Information In Urban.

Posted on:2012-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330338996933Subject:Administrative Management
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At present, China's urban public crisis emerged in many fields, show high frequency situation,it's chain reaction enhanced,that posed a significant threat or damage to the public order, safety, life and public property in city or part of it. Many factors to cause the urban crisis happened are not controlled, with no rules and no chaos, but the crisis is still can be predicted. Only when grasp the general rule of urban public crisis, then more profoundly understanding its nature, to establish and improment the mechanism of urban warning message. Based on analysis of incentive of urban public crisis, to begin a practical approach to the urban early-warning system which is one of the core in city public security management mechanism .At present, our economic development stage is in the rapid growth period,which is the high-risk period of social various uncertainties, much of natural disasters, disaster incidents (technology), public health hazard factors and as social security factors, under the comprehensive function of nature and society triggering elements,easy touch into a series of harm the social stability and security issues.The management information system for city public security management mechanism is involved in the operation of urban infrastructure, urban environment improvement, also involves in the new problems, new contradiction so as to make city early warning management face a complexity status in which the new environment, social environment and urban planning, construction and management intertwined. As a national engineering, urban warning information mechanism must be implemented and managed under public administrative departments of government, comprehensive constructing innovative country and harmonious society, improve the mode of emergency management system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Early Warning Mechanism, Urban Public Safety, Information system, Maintain Stable
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