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A Study On China's Domestic Support Policy For Agriculture After Entering WTO

Posted on:2006-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z N ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360152995476Subject:Political economy
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Since we joined in WTO at the end of year 2001, in accordance with the agreements and admittance, it is a important field in current study for our agriculture that what policy our government shall take, facing competition and impact from abroad, to protect our farmers for their interests, and to promote the transition from our traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. Some scholars take negative attitude to price support or hold that price support shall be abandoned, taking amber policy as what to be weakened or emphasizing poor performance of price support. However, as the fundament of national economy, agriculture, whether well developed or not, is closely relative to the national economy in the whole. Price support, in case of drastic rise and/or drop, is in position to ensure national food supply and maintain our farmers' vital interest. Price support, though a policy to be weakened to the uppermost limit specified in the Agriculture Agreement, still has a long way to the uppermost limit; the poor performance of our support is somehow due to our imperfect coordinated sets of measures, as the same problem to other supporting policies. Therefore , what is crucial is not to abandon price support but to execute the polity better.This dissertation, on the basis of China's real situation, makes a systematical study, viewed from the safety of our food supply as well as farmer's vital interest, into the policy of price support in the clue of problem-analysis-solution. It presents clearly study progress of scholars at home and abroad; explains the reason why we shall hold domestic support for agriculture, introduces relative regulations of WTO about domestic supports; analyses deeply into the consequence of price support for crop structural readjustment and farmers' conducts; recollect the evolution of our crop price, disclose the problems existing in our price support policy, providing corresponding counter measures; and the end of the dissertation prospect the future of price support, with a evolution track of the policy.
Keywords/Search Tags:WTO, agriculture supporting policy, price support, direct subsidy
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