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Studied On The Ensuring Policy On Conservation Agriculture In Xinjiang

Posted on:2006-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155453818Subject:Soil science
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After our acceding to WTO (the World Trade Organization) and adoption of Western Areas Development Strategy, Xinjiang agriculture has been entering new stage of development. Sustainable development has been hot topic in Xinjiang agriculture development. Xinjiang belongs to the typical arid/semiarid region, which has many deserts and weak environment. Inclement arid-surroundings and violent dust devil is an obstruction to sustainable development of Xinjiang agriculture. Therefore, people pay more attention to conservation tillage which aims to environment protect and agriculture sustainable development. Conservation agriculture (CA), a new type of agriculture based on conservation tillage, becomes crucial. It has been proved that policy is one of the most significant factors that influence agricultural advancement. The notion and policy of conventional agricultural should be improved correspondingly.CA needs powerful policy to support. Taking LuoPu County for example, the thesis analyzes the situation of conservation tillage in LuoPu County and requirement of Xinjiang CA by means of analysis and research on theory and practice. The thesis puts forward some policy suggestions of ensuring Xinjiang CA development. Fix up CA policy in law form, so CA policy could be brought into legal system and developing cling to law. Exert authority of government to establish conservation tillage programming. Adopt loan financing and using system of government finance and credit insurance, support the farmers who turn to CA by policy until they get through economy difficulty of the primary transfer period. Establish all-around managerial system, improve socialized services system of CA, and develop rural energy resources and adjust corresponding industrial structure. Tackle key problem of agriculture sustainable development, adjust and renew available agriculture policy,...
Keywords/Search Tags:conservation agriculture, agricultural policy, Xinjiang
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