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Local Government And The Development Of Enterprise Clusters

Posted on:2005-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the last 1/4 time of the 20th century,Chinese economy entered the sustained and super-speed development.At that time,Cixi came into being one of the 20 most powerful economic counties and the most vigorous regions in China compared with its undeveloped region dozens years ago.From the view of the organization structure of industry,it was the small enterprises represented by electric appliances manufacturing, instead of traditional large enterprises,to push Cixi economy to go ahead. In the world scope,the small enterprises were showing unprecedented vitality while knowledge-based economy coming.They were displaying the vibrant variety and adaptability in the technology innovation, product innovation, service innovation and marketing.The headspring of small enterprises' vigor lied in enterprise clusters,which was the special organization formed by the principle of competition and cooperation based on professional dividing.It was the market power,not the government's programming or planning in advance,to push Cixi electric appliance enterprises to develop .Neither the government section nor the party concerned had this kind of foreseeing. Since several years' development, the phenomenon of enterprise clusters has been appearing. The main positive effect of local government was the performance to suit for the tendency and created good exterior environment.After the original form of enterprise clusters emerged, local government supported them enthusiastically. The positive interaction between the local government and the enterprise clusters was a key reason for enterprise clusters and local economy to go success.
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