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The Research On Local Government Behavior In The Development Of Industrial Clusters Of Liaocheng City

Posted on:2016-09-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461989947Subject:Public administration
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With the advancement of economic globalization, since 1990, the industrial cluster, as a special economic structure, plays a considerable role in increasing industry and the regional competitiveness. However, due to the defects in the market economic system and the space characteristics of local economy, industry cluster can’t simply maintain the stable development in cooperation with the market and enterprise, without the support of local government policy. So, the industrial cluster can’t develop without help from the government. Once something wrong appears in industrial cluster internal market, it will need help from the government to adjust its external negative effects, to achieve a reasonable allocation of resources. Therefore, the key to the healthy development of industrial cluster is whether the local government behavior can really produce "positive energy".The industrial cluster in Liaocheng City has begun to take shape, and is dominated in the regional economic growth and industrial development, at the same time also is vital in the process of industrialization and urbanization. But overall, the Liaocheng industry cluster development is still in the initial stage, the orientation of local government is not very clear, and there are problems in government’s actions. All of these restrict the development of clusters.This paper took Liaocheng government behavior in the development of industrial cluster as the main research object. On the basis of relevant theoretical research in industrial cluster and government behavior, this paper deeply analyzed the inner link between the behavior of local government and the industrial cluster development. Also, this paper analyzed and concluded the government behaviors, and analyzed the selection mechanism of these behaviors. At last, this article offered four suggestions about how to standardize the behavior of the local government in developing industrial cluster, which including reform and improving the institutional environment that local government behavior facing, changing the function of local government, improving the local government administrative efficiency, and completing the legalization and standardization of government behavior.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial cluster, Local government, Government behavior
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