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The Research On Culture Of High-Tech Enterprise Clusters

Posted on:2005-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155455141Subject:Business management
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Along with the deeper influnce of the economy globalization, enterprise clusters have a great advantage in market competition, and show the unprecedentedly economic potentialities and energy. As matters stand, research on culture of enterprise clusters is still in the original stage. High-tech enterpise clusters are lack of support and promotion of cultural environment. As a result, their internal advantage in competition hasn' t been bronght into full play, which highly restrict the development of high-tech enterprise clusters in China. Therefore, research on culture of high-tech enterprise clusters plays an important role in theory and practice.This paper tries to inquire into culture of high-tech enterprise clusters systematically from the poit of managing and it provides more or less a basic for cultural research. The article expounds connotation of enterprise clusters, high-tech enterprise clusters and culture of enterprise clusters, which defines "culture of enterprise clusters" creativily and analyses the cultural environment of its emergence and development. Then, it analyses the process and current cultural situation of high-tech enterprise clusters in China, and so does what' s in the American Silicon Valley. It also gives a comparative analysis between situation in Silicon Valley and in Tsukuba, Japan, and all gives inspiration and suggestion for improving culture situation of enterprise clusters in China. The following content probe into culture of high-tech enterprise clusters system from the views of influncial elements, characteristics, functions and content. It builds a model for evaluating building culture of enterprise clusters by means of entropy weight, which evaluates culture...
Keywords/Search Tags:enterprise clusters, high-tech enterprise clusters, culture of enterprise clusters, Entropy weight, AHP
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