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A Study Of The Conversion Of Land Use Of The Urban Fringe And Prediction

Posted on:2006-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R L DuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155459795Subject:Physical geography
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The urban fringe is the transition region from town to country, and it is the areawhere urbanization is most direct and most sensitive, land use converts frequently. Alongwith the quick development of our urban and industry, the effect and the action betweentown and country have been gradually strong. Therefore the problem and thecontradictions, which are stirred and exposed in the development and construction of theurban fringes, are very outstanding. Thus the research on the conversion of land use ofthe urban fringe is imperative nowadays.The paper is based on the project of the new land layout. By means of remote sense,geographical information system, after receiving much actuality information andcombining theoretical study, empirical study and case study, importing ecological theory,technique and means, we summarized the theories and the means of the conversion ofland use of the urban fringe and researched it from quality to quantity, to locality in orderto conceive the former on the conversion of land use of the urban fringe. Then by citingjinan city as case study, it tries to analyze the structural characteristic on the land use ofthe urban fringe, and reveal the process, the mechanism and the internal rule on the landuse change of the urban fringe. following the study above, we use spatial data mining toforecast and simulate land use structure taking jinan as an example.Full text chiefly includes several aspects as follows: At first part, the meaning and the purpose of thesis are firstly made clear, and thenbriefly review and sum up the present study theory and practice at home and abroad, andthe study thought and thesis structure frame of full text.At second part: discusses relational theories and methods on the conversion of landuse of the urban fringe. From the conversion of land use of the urban fringe's theory,study thought and technology route three aspects to spread out, providing theoryfoundation and the implementation basis for full text study. Then build the frame of theland use conversion.In the course of building the frame, importing landscape ecology's index andMarkoff principle, we use the most appropriate land-use types system to innovate from...
Keywords/Search Tags:the urban fringe, the conversion of land use, forecast for the change trend, Jinan city
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