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Institutional Change And Performance Analysis Of The Land Conversion And Utilization From Rural Land To Urban Land In The Process Of Urbanization

Posted on:2005-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122991845Subject:Regional Economics
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With the deepening of the urbanization process, our country has already entered accelerating development period of urbanization. Because of the historical reasons, cities of our country have developed comparetively slowly and original land resources in cities are limited, which can't meet the development demand of urban economy. This results that the space range of cities is being expanded and extended very fast. This impels much rural land to be converted for urban development purpose at a high speed.But it seems at present that many questions exist either after the land is converted or during the conversion course , such as peasant's land rights and interests being infringed seriously while land use si changed; Price mechanism of land conversion being lacking, which makes it difficult to fulfil fair land assets transaction; land conversion and utilization lacking a long-term plan , which results in serious wasting of land resource; relevant laws and regulations being imperfect, which can't guarantee the land being converted and utilized rationally, effectively; The role of government during the course of land conversion and utilization being unclear, which makes the government can't fulfil its own function correctly; land conversion and utilization lacking an idea of ecological protection and sustainable development. Existed questions must reduce the performance of system operation, and reflect the defects and imperfects of land conversion and utilization system ,and the operation cost is too high. The system can't well promote urbanization process and rural economy to develop in harmony. Some actions should be taken, which will help the steady development of the urbanization process and market economy of our country including investigating and analyzing deeply the reasons and roots of the existing problems in the system, thinking actively how to perfect or even reconstruct it, with the purpose to make it meet the land requirements of urbanization, protect the cultivated land, safeguard peasants' land rights and interests, realize circulation of land resource in order and disposition of land resource rationally, improve the performance of the land utilization.
Keywords/Search Tags:urbanization, conversion and utilization of land resource, institutional change, property rights, performance
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