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Study On The Dynamics Of Cultivated Land Conversion In Urban Fringe

Posted on:2004-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q ZuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092996317Subject:Land Resource Management
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During the course of urbanization and industrialization, the cultivated land in the urban fringe is occupied because of the expanding of city. With the Wanbolin district in Taiyuan city as the basic area of the study, this dissertation studies on the disciplinarian of the change of cultivated land, applying GIS techniques and statistical method. As findings show that under the temptation of urbanization and industrialization, the use conversion of the cultivated land in Wanbolin district has its own dynamic characters since 1990: the quantity of cultivated land has been keeping diminishing; while construction using and gardening is the main way of the cultivated land use transform; the land fragmentation degree of landscape is decreasing; the center of gravity of cultivated land distributing is keeping moving towards the outfield of the urban fringe. It is sure that the activity of human being is the main driving force of the changes of cultivated land, through the study on the dynamic mechanism of the cultivated land in Wanbolin district by applying the systems analysis. Then this dissertation focuses on the especial status of the urban fringe in Wanbolin district, and emphasizes the analysis of the relationship between the cultivated land use transform and the economic development as well as the change of population, which begin with the key effect brought by the urbanization and industrialization in the course of the cultivated land use transform. Combining with the theory of land evaluation and cellular automata, it comes to the prediction and simulation of the change of the cultivated land in Wanbolin district from 2000-2010,based on the analysis above. As a result the prediction and simulation should be beneficial to the cultivated land use conversion as warrants effectively in such area. What's more it makes the direction and reference for constituting the social and economic development stratagem in the study area.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban fringe, Cultivated land conversion, Driving forces, Prediction
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