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A Study Of Risk Management Method Based On Life Cycle Of Project

Posted on:2006-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360152991173Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The risk management of the project is the key that the projects succeeds, the risk management of the project begins with understanding the course, the course will input and turned into a group of relevant resources and activity (GB/T 6583) exported, various kinds of risks are among them. Project realizes objectives under the restrain of hour person and resource. In order to finish the project better, organize divides the project into a series of project stages (course network). Discernment, analysis, tolerance, replying are different at different stages in cycle of project life.In the project management, staff involves the risk management skills and emphasizes the active control goal to prevent project from risking, and finally reduce losses. We need Set up risk management strategy and plan in the project management, and the constant control of risk is very important in the life cycle of the project. It can usually be divided into 4 pieces of course: discerning risk, assessing risk, quantity and supervising with the risk.This text is on the basis of domestic and international relevant documents of risk management of project, on the basis of the project risk characteristic in cycle of life of the project, the text sets the system after putting forward the risk management of the project; The article puts forward the project risk source frame based on 6W.At last the text sets up a project risk management basing on life cycle, considering two respects of course: project life cycle and project risk, carrying on risk management to each stages in project cycle separately. Basing on project life cycle the frame, I step by step carry on risk plan, discern, put in order, analysis, appraise, plan, and control system. Through introducing the risk management maturity model of the project, I utilize RMMM to judge quality degree of the project or organize implementation of the risk management, then the corresponding tactics must be made and then to improve maturity grade of the management of the risk. At last I achieve the article.
Keywords/Search Tags:project life cycle, project risk, process, project risk management maturity model
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