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Research On Supply Chain Management For Enterprises Under The Environment Of E-commerce

Posted on:2006-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ShengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155953808Subject:Business management
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Since 1990s, the development and application taking Internet as central computer network technology, brand-new cybereconomy era making the society step into. Supported by Internet, economic integration of the world and globalization process are accelerated further, e-commerce can develop rapidly too as the sign of new economy. As one of the economies with the fastest developing speed in the world, our country is advancing the application of e-commerce actively too, numerous enterprises regard e-commerce as and obtain the important tool of the competition advantage in the fierce environment. Meanwhile, with the theory of supply chain management and using the method to be ripe day by day, Supply Chain Management is considered to strengthen the important way of enterprise's competitiveness gradually, some famous enterprises made the remarkable achievement in practice of SCM such as IBM, Dell, Wal-Mart, HP, etc. in the world. Enterprises of our country can reform the traditional supply chain formed for many years with the advanced theory of Supply Chain Management, establish for a long time cooperative strategic partnership between enterprises, in order to tackle the economic globalization main trend and fierce market competition day by day together.E-commerce and Supply Chain Management as two " edge toll "s that raised the competitiveness of enterprises, permeate each other in the course of practicing , the trend that mutually combines. There is great influence on the implementation which Supply Chain Management in the application of e-commerce. E-commerce make enterprise supply chain merger may reaching effective, make every enterprise that on the Supply Chain pay close attention to the cultivation of one's own key competitiveness , and become a organism of coordinated development with other enterprises, thus achieve the goal of improving enterprise's competitiveness in an all- round way. So what of our country enterprise introduce the Integrated Supply Chain Management under the environment of E-commerce and become the trend already. There are important meanings that this pair can improve enterprise's whole competitiveness of our country and tackle fiercer market competition brought in economic integration. This text draws it to the research of Integrated Supply Chain Management of the just from the viewpoint of this.This text has carried on research to E-commerce and basic theories of Supply Chain Management on the premise of consulting a large number of documents at first, and has carried on research to the integrated relationship for e-commerce and Supply Chain Management especially, point out that the wide application of e-commerce has exerted a great influence in Supply Chain Management. Then propose the Integrated Supply Chain Management to be the development trend that e-commerce and Supply Chain Management combined together, and has carried on research to the system structure and main characteristic of Integrated Supply Chain under e-commerce environment, and has probed into the concrete way that implementing the Supply Chain Management. Finally, this text investigated and analysed the current situation of Supply Chain Management and E-commerce applied on the enterprises of our country. Then this paper have studied the necessity and feasibility that enterprises of our country actualize the Integrated Supply Chain Management, have proposed the measures that actualize the Integrated Supply Chain Management in the enterprises of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain, E- commerce, Integrated Supply Chain Management, Information Technology
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