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Study On Foundation Of Human Nature Hypotheses Of Separation Of Powers

Posted on:2006-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Different human nature hypotheses of China and western countries lead to different administration and government policies. The evil human nature hypothesis is the moral foundation of governing by law, while the virtuous human nature hypothesis is the moral foundation of governing by mankind. Advocating that man is born evil, western countries have formulated the Separation of Powers system and a comparatively reasonable, democratic and free society. Chinese traditional thoughts consider man is born virtuous, but they moralized human nature and accomplished the crafty stratagems of mercy. In this way, the emphasis on well-born human nature may relax the vigilance of the system possibility of human evils (especially the governers), leading to taking the compulsory means to sublimate the human nature. This paper demonstrates the human moral foundation of the Separation of Powers theory by way of analyzing different views of human nature, so we can learn that the Separation of Powers system is the common civilization fruit of human beings, and we can also take it as reference for the construction of our social system.Part 1 :Mainly states the basic views of human nature— evil human nature hypothesis and virtuous human nature hypothesis. On the grounds of different views of human nature from Chinese and foreign philosophers, I set forth their different theoretic foundation about social political systems, that is evil human nature hypothesis is the theoretic foundation of...
Keywords/Search Tags:Human nature, the evil human nature, the virtuous human nature, contract theory, Separation of Powers, to draw lessons from the value.
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